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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 13, 2013 8:30am-9:30am PST

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close as many people believ. what's next for the 49ers, r . the big win last night, the game turned outno to be as close as many believed. what is next for the 49ers after the impressive win after a play-off run. >> and we have the froze warnings posted throughout the bay area and numbers into the 20s. we'll have a sunny sunday and some changes coming up this week. >> and homicides in san francisco took a disturbing jump in 2012, how some are paying tribute to the nearly 70
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victims. >> and it's 8:30 on sunday. >> we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. the big story this week was the state budget. it turned out to be rosie skies in sacramento again. how long is that going to last? >> that was a shark, too. >> exactly. >> after all the dismal predictions and we might have a surplus and that is coming up. >> first, the top story of the day. the 49ers are going to the nfc championship and that is going to be here after beating the green bay packers last night at candle stick park. >> and 9ers were down 7-0 early and ran for 181 yards, an nfl record. a 56-yard dash put the 49ers in front for good. the final score, niners 45; packers, 41 and during the win, san francisco police kicked 92 spectators out of the stadium
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and more arrested for public intoxication. they were hanging onef play. in san francisco, was to on and green bay scored first and can you hear the roaring in the second half. >> the best defense in the league and they're on top of their game tonight. they're so pumped up and they going to the super bowl. [ screaming ] >> so, the 49ers have made stronger believers of the fateful fans and there is a bigger game looming next sunday and we'll have more highlights in a few minutes. >> by the way, that is not the end of the good news for bay area sports fans. a final hurdle is cleared for the san jose sharks to begin the season. the national hockey league players have voted in favor of the labor contract officially ending the lockout. and this is going to be an abbreviated season and the
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sharks first game will be at calgary one week frommed and touchdown and they will play the first home game on january 24th against the phoenix coyotes. >> reporter: a noro virus outbreak is expect -- suspected of sickenning thousands of kids. officials say they're looking into how 90 students got sick with symptoms similar to noro virus and including vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. the campus is being disinfectd this week and classes will be had tomorrow. authorities have identified the body of a man found in a recycling center. how he got there is a mystery. the sonoma county sheriff's office said the body was found by an employee at the center early friday afternoon and investigators say there is no obvious signs of trauma to the body but they're calling the deaths suspicious and that
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looks like the body was in a dumpster emptied into a cycling truck. an autopsy is expected on monday and deputies say he was last seen alive in santa rosa on thursday. and among the bay area's is three biggest cities, san francisco had the significant increase in homicides last year. a memorial walk was held in honor of the murder victims and that is an increase of a third compared with the previous year and participants walked with a cross symbolizing each of those killed. it was affiliated with a local catholic archdiocese. as the debate over gun control continues, record clouds and long lines turned out for the crossroads of the west gun show which ends today. by the end of the day, there is going to be an estimated 18,000 attendees in and out of the show. yesterday, the place was packed and the demand for all things
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gun-related hit unprecedented levels as they started talking about stricter guns like the one in sandy hook elementary school in connecticut last month. >> i live on a ranch. i have critters i have to protect. i have the family i have to protect. >> because of california's 10- day waiting period, no one walked out with guns but walked away carrying boxes and boxes of bullets. several types of ammunition sold out the first day of the show. one person is dead and three others in the hospital after a car crash overnight in napa county and happened after 9:30 this morning and chp said the car overturned. one person is declared dead at the scene. and a pilot of a small plane managed to walk away unscathed. and authorities say that the 56- year-old pilot was flying from
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san luis obispo on business yesterday and didn't realize his landing gear was up until he hit the runway. and he was the only person on board. he was fine. no injuries. the accident closed the airport, though, in the plane could be moved. last week, the plane overshot the same runway with no injuries. and in international news, an afghanistan seven villagers died as they tried to pull bodies from the rubble of a mosque. overnight, they led to a two- hour gun fight. in the morning, they found it partially destroyed and as they started digging for survivors, something exploded killing some of them. and today, troops are expected to join extremists. hundreds of french soldiers began an operation to push back the rubbles. france is concerned about the 6,000 citizens and the dangers that the entire country could
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be a haven for al qaeda. they include french air strikes that left 11 dead. shy of 8:47. it's cold out. the unusual cold snap that is having an affect to the -- on the food we eat. >> the freezeing temperatures could mean some in california. >> and is the california debt a surplus? we'll hear about what seems to be a budget miracle. >> and the deep freeze in the bay area continues. we'll see readings in the 30s. we want to recover to nearly 50 degrees until this afternoon. a sunny day just ahead. ,,,,
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. >> it's chilly, down to the mid- 20s in napa and livermore. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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the southland scrambli thr crops. the cold weather in california has citrus growers in the southland scrambling to save the crops.
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>> in one kearn county orchard, they could not pick the oranges fast enough. one grower harvested a third of the oranges before the temperature took a dive. there is an economic reality when this happens. and if a freeze destroys the cops, they won't be paying workers to pick them. and brian has been watching this morning. >> it's in the 20s around much of the bay area and starting out your sunday morning and that frost in the east bay. there is not as much widespread ice as we could see with temperatures this low and bay area valleys with a freeze warning and into sacramento and temperatures plunging between 24 and 34 degrees and that is cold out there. we'll warm up this week. right now, 26 degrees at concord; 28, livermore and the
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airport is 41 and san jose warmed to 25 degrees. this is how it looks like for us this morning. the freezeing temperatures tonight and more sun tomorrow and that is warmer next week. don't go shirtless, i don't think. and it won't be as chilly next week as last week and that is because the deep trough of low pressure is moving slowly to the east and that is being placed in the pacific and the rain confined. as a result, we have a lot of sun around the bay area and to the top of mount tam, too and mount diablo and they say you can see more land area than almost any other place on earth and you way atop this fold that overlooks the central valley. as a result, can you see the sierra on a day like this and maybe i will go up there. we're going to look for temperatures to be near 50 degrees and 50 in mountainview.
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52 in medical pitas and cooler than. that brian in fairfield and pittsburg and looking at numbers in the low 50s and heading for the wine country, not bad and some frozen breaks and 51 for novato and petaluma a.52 in santa rosa and in san francisco today, we'll hit a high of 50 degrees and in oakland, 53 and tonight, a low of 26 in santa rosa and below freezeing tonight and the freeze warnings are still in full affect and the five-day forecast is calling for numbers to be mostly in the 50s by tuesday and we'll look for things to be nice and sin for the entire part of the week and the actually fog is forming in -- tulley fog is forming and it will leak into the delta and napa and&parts of concord and this is one of the rare times in the area where we have low
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clouds and sunny. >> and expect that mid-week and plenty of sun and cold. >> definitely. >> yeah. >> thanks, brian. >> okay. on thursday, governor brown declares the state is in the black for the upcoming fiscal year the first time since 2001 and is projecting the budget surplus through 2017. >> the legislature still has to come up with the revision in may when they look at the real numbers. the governor's budget is a lot of assumptions and that is howhen we sat down with senator jerry hill and how realistic are the assumptions? >> and he's taking real numbers and melding them in to something that will work. it's balanced in that sense that he's not managing to pay back the short-term debt and that is how the budget is balanced. in may, we'll so how that plays out in the future. >> and when you say melding it into something that works. >> yes.
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>> and that translates into the budget tricks that is unrealistic in the end. and all of the tricks. >> you're right and that is about we have seen in the past. this is different. the numbers, we're talking about a bottom of deferrals or changes and the real money is here because of the projects of income and expenditures restricted. >> which could be more positive. >> absolutely. >> and absolutely. absolutely and is there any structural change in the budget from past budgets? what we have done before is stop paying different things. >> right. >> put workers on furlough. do you see anything under jerry brown that changes the structural deficit of california? >> yes. he's paying back some of the debt. we had 27 billion that was used and borrowed from special funds and he's paying that back slowly. by 2016, that is down from 4 billion.
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k through 12 education and they would do that trick and pay it in july where they owed them in june and that is here, about $2 billion. >> and that is what that were sold on when they raised taxes, the idea of more money going toec. does it fulfill the promise? >> it provides $2.7 billion more to education and 500 million to higher education and that is where a lot of the support is and the governor made a contract. i think he has a contract with the voters and is willing to live up to that and ask for more resources and money and taxes. he got that and is not going to be responsible moving forward. >> and when we pass prop 30, it wasdoms day. we were going to see draconian cuts and now a surplus? did that solve the problem? >> the question is, were they telling the truth then? >> is that crying wolf then?
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>> it's not. this budget has $6 billion from the tax increase and without that $6 billion, we would be short that amount of money and we needed that to battlance the budget as the governor projected earlier. >> and we were up in sacramento on monday when the legislature got back together and we have a lot of new members up there and you couldn't recognize half of them and there is also, i saw the lobbyist in the halls and is there is going to be a pushback to start spending money again after the years of drought. >> right. >> and that is going to be a challenge for you folks up there. >> yeah. >> and that will be a challenge. and i think the governor's resolved not to do that and there will be testing. some legislator will try to test that by making the proposals and some of them, it's hard to say no, especially with the 2/3s of the legislature democrats and some
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proposals will go through and i believe and i have confidence the governor will veto it at the end of the day. >> we have time for a last question. >> yes. >> what do you see as the biggest fight in session? >> and that is pension reform and compensation. >> who gets the money? >> we have winners and losers with basic aid and at the end of the day, we want to see winners and winners. the fight is over education funding. >> that and, of course, we have the state-of-the-state address coming up later on this month, that will be interesting. >> and that is where he sets the goals and that big talk. we hear about high-speed rail and grand plans for the golden state and this is more like where we're standing on the checkbook. >> both of them? >> a big check between reality. that is politics. >> and so much talk. >> the affects are lingering. >> that's right, or slide. what appeared to be the case in
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one east bay area where a landmark building could be in the way of a landslide. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now threatening th . all the recent wet weather over the last few weeks turning a hill area into a landslide.
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it's caused the evacuation of building 46, closing a stretch of mcmillan road and displacing 160 employees. the building is directly in the way of the land coming down. a number of outside specialists, including the usgs are involved in the mission to stabilize the area until they're sure the building 46 is safe from danger. on the surface, seems like the impossible came true. the governor's latest budget suggests the state went from a deep deficit to a surplus. >> that is when we sit down with san francisco examiner's melissa griffin, our political insider and willie brown who knows a thing or two about politics to ask him where does this put jerry brown the governor as the legislature comes into session? >> he will have to restrain his friends and relatives from ruining the good feel that came with his presence, and he's probably going to have to rely on the republicans and conservative democrats to be the coalition that keeps him in
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place the super majority for jerry brown is highly rated. he doesn't need it. >> but, he appears to have the support of the republicans. yesterday, they were e fusive in his report of the budget compared to anyone, compared to arnold schwarzenegger's budget. >> to your point, if people are realizing he's the one, he's going to stand in between what the democrats want to spend and what the republicans see as fiscal responsibility. jerry brown ran on and got prop 30 passed on and his integrity. he put himself out there and put his name on it and said trust me with the mean. the voters voted to give it to him and republicans are going to rely on him and so are moderate democrat its to reign in the proper spending tendencies of the more liberal democrats. >> what do you think the democrats will do to counter that? will they? the union, will they try to make a push or are they part of the program as well? >> are you kidding? you don't think they spent that money and effort to stand by and watch yesterday?
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no way. they intend now to be aggressive about frying to get california back being the golden state and every category. that clearly, in some cases, means spending more money for certain things. >> there is another thing that the governor brought out to bring back california to its golden guys -- days. he wants to change reg legs in the state and make it more business friendly and he might be trying to change the environmental rules. how do you so that playing with the democrats and the republicans? >> the republicans, of course, will be on board and this exposes one of the main fissures we're seeing emerge statewide, which is as republican numbers wind canel andy that less relevant, you have -- default lines are between moderate democrats and more liberal democrats and that is going to be exposed in this effort. >> how do you so that deal going down where he said i will spend more but you have to give me breaks in the regulations and work rules, things like that that the business community wants. >> let mia, sure you again, the california teacher's
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association environmental movement and all those people that laid down their swords to come together to produce proper 30, to kill 32, they didn't do that to have things moved in the direction that those two advocates, if they have won, would have taken, people. they really do want now to be aggressivebo about getting back to where they were when gray davis was in power. >> i don't think that anyone believes the budget surplus is going to materialize or last very long. the democrats have already come out and said they plan to restore funding to programs in addition to what is being restored in the the current, in brown's proposal. >> do you think if this budget deficit or golden days are going to last or is it going to be over by may? >> they will stick around for awhile. you have to understand that he's got great blessings. 38 new members of an 80-member house are brand-new. they have no idea about anything. believe me, they will
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eventually emerge as the power in the halls of the legislature, and they going to be jerry brown aficionados until it's time to run for re- election. that is two years. >> so, he's got money and two years and he's going get a lot of calls to quote, unquote, restore funding. >> right. >> that is what you going to hear about, restore funding, not new funding or extra funding but restore funding to past levels, which some might argue was over the top. >> that's right, but we have seen so many painful cuts over the last several years, there is going to be a lot of groups campaigning to get the money back. >> they're already up there. meanwhile. >> the 49ers headed for the national conference championship game for the second straight season. >> that's right, vern glen has all the highlights, as many as we could put in from last night's drumming of the green pay packers. -- green bay packers. >> reporter: good morning, bay area. if you love the san francisco 49ers, you're living a charmed
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life. the joint here at candle stick park was jumping last night at the expense of the green bay packers. not only did kapernick rush for an nfl play-off, he shattered the mark previously held by michael vick. jim harbah, he had a game plan and said we're going to run the ball and ride collin kapernick. yeah, he threw a pick six to open it up. gave it up to sam shields. the interception for a touchdown. he owned up to it, didn't get rattled and he was able to respond. they were down 7-0 and come roaring back. nobody open? i will take off and start running. i'm not going to stop until i go 20 yards for a touchdown. he would rush for a league record, 181 yards. here he is here, tied at 24. and then with his arm. 263 yards in the air, a couple of touchdowns to michael
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crabtree, 45-31, kapernick makes nfl history. >> i mean it's a great accolade and means a lot to this team. our offensive line did an amazing job, our receivers, tightens, running backs were doing an amazing job. they opened up a lot of lanes for them. >> seattle plays atlanta later atlanta later on. if seattle wince, the nfc championship game will be here next weekend. if atlanta wins, the 49ers will have to get it done on the road. that is the story from candle stick park. back to you guys in the studio. friends and family bid a sad farewell to a bay area teenager this weekend. >> coming up, the latest on what may have led to the death of a petaluma girl in south lake tahoe. >> lots coming up in the next half hour, including hearing from our newest bay area congressman headed to washington, d.c. eric smallwell, we'll have a conversation with him coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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9:02 am
what it means for students and classes tomorrow. >> that's right. welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. the time is 9:00. i'm phil matire. >> i'm ann. thank you for starting your sunday with us. we have a lot coming up. an in-depth conversation with our new congressman, eric swallwell. heading into the lion's den. >> we'll get his thoughts on what he would like to see as far as gun control as it moves into the national debate. >> we'll be talking more about what is going on at the state level as we begin a new session and they're talking about this surplus. >> and school funding. >> it may or may not be existing. yeah. >> exactly, and whether we spend it on what school districts and it's going to be a tug of war. speaking of a tug of war, let's go to one that is not one. >> a happy story. the 49ers going to the nfc championship after beating the packers last night in san francisco. >> the niners were down 7-0 early on and they snapped back
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with quarterback collin kapernick, who ran 181-yards in nfl record throughout the game. the 56-yard dash in the end zone and the third quarter puts the 49ers in front for good. the final score, 45, miners, packers, 31. during the big niner win, the san francisco police ejected 92 spectators from the stadium. another 25 were arrested for public intoxication. meanwhile, people who did not see the game in person, were still hanging on every play. at a bar on geary boulevard in san francisco, it was a groan as green bay scored first but roar with the big run in the second half. >> i got the best defense in the league and they just, they're on top of their game tonight. y that so pumped up. they're going to the super bowl. [ cheering ] >> so, the 49ers made believers out of these already faithful
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fans, but everyone knows there is a bigger game looming next sunday. >> and that is not all the good news for bay area sports fans. the final hurdle is cleared for the sharks to finally begin their season. the nhl players voted in favor of -- favor of a labor contract officially ending the contract. this will be an abbreviated 48- game season, which our first game is atical air one week from today and they are going to play the first game in downtown san jose at the shark tank thursday, january 24th, against the phoenix coyotes. fire crews and investigators are still on the scene of a two-a harp fire at a mobile home park in mountain vow. one home caught fire before 5 this morning on east el camino real and took firefighters longer to put out the flames because of the possible roof collapse. one person inside did make it out safely, but the mobile home was completely destroyed. and a novo -- noro virus outbreak is suspected of
9:05 am
sickenning dozens of kids at a school incontra costa county. they still looking into how 90 students at burden elementary school in la fayette got sick with symptoms similar to noro virus, including vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain. the campus is being disinfected this weekend and classes will resume tomorrow. a public memorial for a teenager whose body was found in the snow in south lake tahoe. it drew hundreds to petaluma last night, many wore pink, her favorite color. she grow inpatient waiting for a bus and set out alone to walk to her hotel and took a wrong turn. her death is a warning to her friends to buddy up and don't go off by themselves in unfamiliar places. authorities in 58 lima identify -- in petaluma identified the body in a recycling center as a body of a 38-year-old transient. he was last seen on in santa
9:06 am
rosa on thursday and the body found by an employee at a recycling center early friday afternoon. there is no obvious signs of trauma, but they calling the death suspicious. they say it appears like the body was first in the dumpster that was emptied into a recycling truck and then taken to the center. an autopsy is expected monday. the cross roads of the west gun show hit record attendance in the bay area as thousands of people lined up and it just reopened this morning at the cow palace. talking about an estimated 18,000 attendees walking through that show. by the time the weekend's over. yesterday, it was packed inside the cow palace. demand for all things gun related hit unprecedented levels since lawmakers started talking about harsher gun laws in the wake of several mass shootings like at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut last month. >> i live on a ranch. i have critters that i have to protect. i have a family i have to
9:07 am
protect. >> because of california's 10- day waiting period, no one walked out with guns but did walk away carrying boxes of bullets, several types of ammunition sold out on day one of the show yesterday. today is the final day and it's going to be open until 4 this afternoon. boy, i was out there yesterday and i spoke with an organizer. he said they expected a big crowd but had no idea it was going to be as big as it was. >> any debate about gun control, they line up at the gun shows and gun shops. the two sides. you have one showing up at public meetings and the other ones show up with their pocketbook. meanwhile. a new miss america has been crowned. still to come, the results of the best-known pageant in the nation. >> your new miss america is -- . >> and here he comes. [ laughter ] >> one of the bay area's newest members of congress. funny how that worked out. >> we're going to speak with representative eric swallowwell on what it's like to be the new guy on the block.
9:08 am
. >> and he's probably surprised by the miss america honor, too. the numbers this morning, it's warmed all the way up to freezeing in concord and it will go to 50 degrees, maybe, from there. a warmer week ahead and the forecast after a break. ,,,,,, ,,,,
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. good morning, how are you on this sunday morning. probably cold. we have a froze warning posted for the bay area for the night.
9:10 am
the numbers are colder tonight than last night. ,,,,,,,,
9:11 am
. >> ladies and gentlemen, your new miss america is miss new york! [ cheering and applause . >> the other one is excited. she lost. >> -- just lost. >> yeah. >> and the winner, 22-year-old of the bronx. there was a question of armed guards in schools and opposed fighting violence with violence. miss south carolina is excited about taking second place. and that is a huge spoiler alert for me. i have that on my dvr and i was looking forward to watching it today. >> i remember when steve martin was up for an academy award. i can't remember for what. i remember when they said and the winner is -- . >> right. >> they do the screen with all
9:12 am
of the nominees. and the winner is somebody else and steve martin just goes -- . >> he was keeping it real. >> totally. [ laughter ] >> and because you know, as you said, ann, he's probably not thrilled to have lost that. >> no. >> and we have some numbers into the 20s in the bay area and that is how low they got. they'll recover to near 50 degrees and let's look again, shall we? we will have the beautiful sunrise around the bay area and gazing to the back-to-back suspect bridges on the west side of the bay bridge. san francisco at the airport has 43 degrees; san jose, 34 and santa rosa, still 28 degrees. a lot of frost inland this morning. it will be evaporateing in the coming hours. freezing temperatures again tonight, maybe cooler tonight and that was last night. we will, though, get more sunshine tomorrow, which will warm up next week. it won't be a dramatic warm-up, but a couple of degrees a day. the high pressure in the eastern pacific is capping it that cold air at the surface, and you can see all of that really cool weather. this is not, by the way, all cloudiness. a lot of this is satellite
9:13 am
detecting the cold temperatures and interprets the cold temperatures as clouds. that gives us an idea of where the cool temperatures are over the bay area this morning and not for long. we're looking for things to warm up and to stay sunny as you look at the future cast here. the model of the atmosphere shows clear skies over the bay area and that is why we're cold tonight. i hate that we get that during the day, especial license it goes up in his face overnight. 48 at livermore and san francisco, 50 degrees today. we'll be about near 50 degrees. tonight, santa rosa, 26 degrees. thirty for san jose; 39 for pacificca and 31 at mountainvow. looking ahead, a lot of fried eggs, nothing but sunshine the entire week. the numbers showily warm up toward nextek -- slowly warm up to next week. next week, we'll probably be nudging 60 degrees in the warmer spots w. whoever thought that would be a cause for celebration. it's january and that is cold in california. it will tonight. we will slowly warm it up. >> okay. >> and thank you.
9:14 am
>> very good. eric swallwell of dublin is a new member of congress after unseating pete stark. >> the congressman gave us a sense of what the issues are going to be in front of him right away. >> that is great. lots of work to do. we have an economy that we so continues to grow, and won't to make sure we do everything to help that growth and continue to bring down unemployment. so, i have my offices open in the district, offices open in washington and ready to work. >> were you upset the applecart when you took on poet stark longtime california congressman and the democratic establishment in congress was behind him. resentment? lingering? any problems back there with you coming on? >> no, not at all. in fact, just last week, i was asked by the democratic house leadership to be an assistant wipp -- whip. i will be assisting the house leadership and growing our economy and i am excited to do that.
9:15 am
i bring experience from having been a local city council member and a courtroom prosecutor, i think, especially when we talk about reasonable gun safety measures, i have been a big supporter of that. i have been working with my freshmen colleagues to take measures to protect the second amendment, but reduce gun violence in america. >> gun violence, obviously, a very hot topic right now in congress. >> yeah. >> what is it like to walk in to something like that? a debate that is going for a long time being the new kid on the block? >> well, for me, all i am asking in congress, and what i am supporting is a bill that asks the rest of the country to follow what california bans already, assault weapons and magazines with capacity beyond 10 rounds. so people in california will not be affected. we think the rest of the country should have to have that same type of law. >> is it difficult to get get criedability, though, walking in as a new guy and trying to pass something like that? >> any four new numbers -- members of congress. 34 on the left is democrats and 39 republicans.
9:16 am
what we want to do, we see ourselves as problem solvers not as beholden to hyperpartisanship. we have done a number of weeks of orientation. i reached across the aisle and made friends on both sides. i think we feel the new charge from the people who elected us that we can't do it the same old way. that is not going to work anymore. >> no, everybody's over it. the appropriating of congress is really dismal. >> why would you want to join a group that is -- what was it, lower than cockroaches in the polling? >> i didn't know it was that high. [ laughter ] >> but it is. i mean you're an assistant d.a., a city council person. you had a really good life going and this is going to have you back in washington monday through friday and hopping a red-eye back to the east bay and turning around and hopping back non-stop. and then getting re-elected every two years. it's not exactly a great job. >> well, this is an area i know well. i grew up here and i want nothing but the best for the people i grow up with. my father was a police officer and served locally and so that
9:17 am
sense of service and going into the lion's den, which i understand, it's a lion's den, but i think an avalanche takes a snowball, and i can go back there and find people on the other side of the aisle and work to grow our economy and reduce our debt debt, get our spending under control and i am up for the job. >> what is the vibe like back there? >> you know what? there is this vibe among our freshmen class that we are sent there to solve problems. i really do sense on both sides right and left, that what we just saw happen at the end of 2012 with the fiscal cliff, that that is can not be repeated. that was a absolute disaster, and we have to come out of that unit. >> okay -- united. >> okay. quick question, we talked about gun control, what is your top issue? >> my top issue is not gun safety measures. it's actually growing the local economy. i'm on the science committee and homeland security committee, and lawrence livermore laboratory in sandia, they're our largest employer in the district. i want to get business and government on the same page,
9:18 am
enable government research to create private sector jobs. i think technology is actually allowing us to work in a bipartisan way. because it knows no party. the way we communicate today is through our mobile devices and our. >> i joy pads and -- our ipads and our notebooks. >> and he'll be heading back off to washington. it's going to be quite a busy time for the young man. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
9:19 am
9:20 am
. oracle is working on a flaw right now in the java software after homeland security urged people to disable the program. hackers have figured out how to exploit a security bug to attack pcs allowing them to commit crimes like identity
9:21 am
theft. it affects the -- affects the most recent version, java seven and other software designed for web browsers. java was the prime target for half of all cyberattacks last year. >> that is interesting. more about governor brown's plan. >> the question is how are you going to spend it? we sat down with willie brown and melissa griffin from the san francisco examiner from their political insider take on education spending. we start out by asking miss griffith is if california's completely out of hot water on leave all budget numbers. >> absolutely not and there is a lot of fighting to be done. the brown administration admitted it made some any interesting assumptions. it was created before the tackle of the fiscal cliff and before the fourth quarter tax
9:22 am
returns came in. a lot of assumptions that may or may not pan out. we get a budget and that is sometimes billions off of the mark. >> it's happy now and have some other financial assumption. have you seen any change how california spends the money? is it sustainable or are we still -- leave reaching. >> it's sustainable and there clearly needs to be some additional money spent in k-12. you need to do something about the gap created between the end- product of the kid in a public school in california and in and of the states. and at one time, we were in the top 10 and now in the lower 40s and that is not good and with the resource, they can do something about that. >> and with these resources comes the governor's idea of
9:23 am
taking some of the money, a good portion and putting it to low performing schools, pore schools and some places where the kids don't speak english. that is going to pit urban and rural districts against each other? >> they are all right pitted against each other in sources. rural districts tend to be more right winging and urban more left winging. it's going to look like he's repaying some of the political allies, even though that my the -- may not be what is underpinning. >> where do you think that plays out? that is going to be a big tug of war if he said the suburbs get the money and they're not going to be happy with the state taking it away. >> phil, reality? >> yeah. >> they don't have the numbers. the population in this state shifted towards the world of urban. and believe me, every urban developer is going to look out for the people in the urban areas and those are where the
9:24 am
low performing schools are located and they going to get the assistance they need. they will draft a formula in a way where it doesn't appear to be sectional and that is going to follow the student of the school on the basis of the need and if you're in fresno, you will be as eligible as if you're in south-central los angeles for that assistance. that legislature is going to be be conflicted. his rule status will be challenged on who he joins for los angeles to get money for the low-performing school. >> do you think that california will ever figure out how to spend the education dollars? seems to be two debates. we don't have enough and when we do, we're not spending it right. >> and trying to understand the formula to determine how much money is going to schools is a ph.d requirement. >> never seems to end. >> and look at our own
9:25 am
situation. our community college, for example. they will have to address the needs of community colleges. san francisco's community college is an example of an institution that can't seem to get its act together even though it has. dollars equal to community college dollars in the other place. we're almost about to be without accreditation all because we're misspending it. all those changes. >> that is a vote of confidence. i think we will have to close. that is a great vote of confidence. >> we'll never get it together. . >> well, all eyes on education funding, of course. that is what allowed the governor to sell prop 30 to all of us. >> that is the point. therein is the point. he does did sell it to the voters out there in the suburbs as well as the cities, but suburb inviters turned out, too. it's going to be interesting if he tries to chip the money away from him. that is the cynicism that made it tough to pass in the first place. meanwhile, coming up. taking another look at this
9:26 am
morning's top stories. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:27 am
9:28 am
. welcome back. let's look at this morning's top stories. >> the 49ers beat the green bay packers in their divisional play-offs last night, 45-31. the quarterback collin kapernick ran for 181 yards, two touchdowns and a pair of passes. the niners will face atlanta or seattle in the nfc championship. >> and classes will resume as scheduled tomorrow at burton elementary school in lafayette. the suspected noro virus outbreak sickened dozens of kids there leading to a massive disinfecting over the weekend. officials are still looking into what may have caused the outbreak. >> and one last look at weather this morning. >> and have you picked up on what is cold? we have the freeze warnings posted again for tonight and we're going to look for things out of the door to be on the chilly side.
9:29 am
32 at concord; 43 in oakland. the airport, 43 and santa rosa, 28 degrees. lots of sun around, though, for sunday and a great day to go and do something today. bundle up and expectpo in santa rosa; 50, san francisco and 53 in oakland. that is the hotspot. 51 in san jose and 50 in mountain view. extended forecast is calling for things to remain cool the next few days, the coldest night will probably be tonight. roberta gonzalez will be in this evening to update you on all of that by the end of the week. the numbers will warm to near 60 degrees and next week, it looks like it's going to be a mini heat wave for january, anyway. we might go all the way up to near 65, 68 degrees. that is like 10 days out. we will see. stay tuned and have a great sunday. >> and i will eat a little bit more crow this morning and give brian more props pressure predicting -- for predicting accurately the outcome of the game. >> he had the point spread down. >> he did. >> if i would have bet with brian, we would all be


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